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bulk olive oil drum by Castillo de Pinar
Bulk olive oil tote by Castillo de Pinar
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Bulk Olive Oil

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Castillo de Piñar offers the following bulk olive oil options for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Olive Oil, and Olive Pomace Oil.

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58 Gallons (220 Liters)

Heavy-duty food grade plastic drum constructed of low-density polyethylene able to contain liquids at temperatures up to 180°F. These rugged drums are designed for reconditioning and reuse without inner liners or polyethylene bags. May stack up to 4 high for transport or storage. FDA and USDA approved. Closed Head Drums have standard hung configuration of a 2" NPT and one 2" buttress. The extra large molded lifting ring improves drum handling.



275 Gallons (1,014 Liters)

A 275 gallon food grade, air and water tight container with an 8" bung on top and a 2" threaded valve on the bottom. Length is 48", width is 39" and height is 46". Space-saving and durable, these bulk storage containers are easily transportable and reusable.  They are easy to fill, stack and load. FDA compliant steel cage is hot-dipped galvanized. Pallet base is made from both steel and plastic. Includes inner storage tank made from white plastic with UV -blocking additive. Complete unit is UN approved (UN 3 IHAIIY).



Made in the USA to ISO 9001:2000 standards

5,812 Gallons (22,000 Liters)

Composed of four-layer PE inner film (0.125mm) and a coated PP woven high strength and wear-resistant 220g/m fabric. The feeding valve is available in either a 2" ball, 3" butterfly or 4" butterfly type valve on the flexitank top. The discharge valve is either a 3" or 4" butterfly type at the base of the unit. This ISO container may be transported over the road, by rail or ocean vessel.