The Health Benefits Of Castillo de Pinar Olive Oil


Balsamic Reduction VinegarCastillo De Pinar Gourmet Vinegars

Castillo de Piñar USDA certified Organic Balsamic Reduction Vinegars are created by blending carefully selected grapes from the Modena region of Italy, maturing and fermenting in oak and chestnut casks, reduced in South Africa with cane sugar, organic produce, and spices.

Olive Oil Benefits Flavor and HealthItalian Quality Combined with South African Purity

Everything begins in Modena Italy, where the finest organically grown and carefully hand selected Lambrusco, Sangiovese, and Trebbiano Grapes are placed into oak and chestnut casks to age.  Once the fermentation and maturing process is complete, the now Balsamic Vinegar is carefully moved to South Africa for its reduction.  Wine vinegar,   grape must, and the Italian Balsamic vinegar is carefully mixed together with organically grown South African spices to produce Castillo de Piñar Balsamic Reduction Vinegar. These fine Balsamic Reduction Vinegars deliver a signature rich herbal   flavor that will enhance all cooked and uncooked dishes.

Peri-Peri Finishing Sauces

Peri-Peri Finishing Sauce is created by blending carefully select South African Pili-Pili Peppers, Jalapenos, Habaneros, then mixed together with spices, vinegar, and produce to create a sweet but spicy flavor.

Pomegranate Olive Oil Vinegar

Our signature blend of the earth’s natural produce creates a one of a kind sweet, spicy but savory flavor that will bring life to your gourmet cuisine.  The contrast of golden olive oil and red pomegranate vinegar gently pouring over your dish will create an appealing decorative sense only to make one desire it’s taste.  

South African Quality & Purity

Castillo de Piñar USDA certified Organic Pomegranate Olive Oil Vinegar is a masterful creation of South Africa in using the extract of organically grown South African Pomegranates. The healthy extract is carefully blended with our olive oil, vinegar, chilis, and orange oil, creating a sweet, spicy, and savory flavor for all of your cooked and uncooked dishes. 


The Bottle:

Saves Prep Time

Chef professional squeeze black bottle for drizzeling, plating and decorating.

Cap Seal:

PVC liner used to seal the bottle keeping moisture (anti-leakage) extending the shelf life.