About Castillo de Pinar Olive Oil


Reviews from Customers

Here are some of the comments from customers who have used Castillo de Piñar Olive Oil.

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White House Chef Guy Mitchell

Guest Chef at the White House and the Vice President's Residence

"I want to inform you that I have tried many olive oils in my many years of cooking and I feel that your olive oil is the best by far."

Hooked on Quality

“I went out and bought a bottle of your oil and I’m very impressed, I had no idea that there was that much taste difference, I could taste the difference in the first drop that hit my tongue…I am hooked. We’re your customer… probably customers for life.”
– Greg Porter, Fairhope, AL

Excited First-time Taster

"I'm so excited to have my first bottle of your delish olive oil. I can't wait to help you guys spread the word. I remember the first time you let me try a sample. It was unbelievable! We are SO deprived (and mislead by fancy packaging) of true extra virgin olive oil. There is NO comparison to your product."
- Jo Linder Harrell, Fairhope, AL

Best Ever

"Just had a friend tell me Castillo de Pinar olive oil is the best that they have ever tasted - they tried the Organic EVOO and Extra Virgin, and like the Organic the best."
- Brett Murray, Fairhope, AL


"This is the best olive oil I have ever tasted. It is amazing! I especially like the organic. This is much better than the brand I have been using."
- Linc Cassidy, Birmingham, AL

Fresh Flavor

"I have recently discovered that most grocery store olive oil is in fact rancid. This discovery led me to search for a finer quality olive oil that is fresh, and processed in the correct manner. I have found this to be true of  Castillo de Pinar Olive Oil.  It has a fresh flavor and a wonderful consistency.  I would recommend you give it a try!"
- Kelly Hughes, Springfield, IL