Castillo de Piñar Olive Oil

Over two thousand years ago Italian Olive Growers recognized the arid climate and idyllic terrain of southern Spain was optimal for Olive Farming. Today, the Picual Olives from these ancient trees produce a nourishing oil, acclaimed for its superior flavor and qualities.

A Centuries-Old Tradition of Excellence

Olive trees were introduced to southern Spain by the Phoenicians around 1000 B.C., where the fertile soils and arid climate created  a pristine environment for growing olive trees.

Olive tree farming techniques and oil production processes were enhanced and perfected during the reign of Roman Emperor Adriano.

Castillo de Pinar Olive Oils are produced using these ancient olive farming, harvesting and processing techniques. This heritage combined with the most desired olives and our time-honored approach yield the highest quality, most flavorful olive oils in the world. Our farms harvest Picual & Arbequina olives which yield a distinctive, savory & robust, yet delicate flavor.

Our farms harvest olives from some of the world's oldest producing trees in the Andalusia region of Spain. This area offers the most suitable climate and soil conditions for growing Picual and Arbequina olives which yield the best and most flavorful olive oils. The distinctively savory & robust, yet delicate flavor of our olive oils comes from: The type of olives we grow, the timing of our harvest, the unique growing conditions, our care in the handling and processing of the fruit and the storage of our olive oils.

Castillo de Pinar Subscription Packages

Castillo de Pinar Subscription Packages

Now you can enjoy the highest quality, most flavorful olive oils in the world, along with rich balsamics and finishing sauces, shipped directly to your doorstep four times per year. Never run out of the savory pure ingredients that make all of your meals delicious. More...


Cooking with Olive Oil

Enjoy the Dishes You Love Even More

Cooking in the restaurant or at home

Olive Oil is an essential ingredient for those who love flavorful, healthy food. For those who already know the wonderful attributes of a good olive oil, we invite you to enjoy our succulent recipes. Not only will you enjoy the food preparation process, but you will pleasantly impress your guests. More...


Olive Oil Benefits Your Health

Good Tasting & Good For You!

According to many sources, Olive Oil is remarkably healthy for you and can offer protection from a variety of chronic degenerative diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, asthma, colon cancer, and arthritis. More...


Olive Oil from Spain

Our Olive Oil Benefits from Our Heritage

Castillo de Piñar Olive Oil has it roots in historical tradition going back nearly 3,000 years.  Our Olive Oil benefits from that tradition, and now you can experience its quality and flavor.  More...


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